This app is only to be used by trained and licensed EMDR clinicians

Designed with
A Licensed Clinician

Intuitive User Interface

EMDR Elite has the most innovative, yet simple systems for your therapy sessions. From the first Elite panel you can immediately run a demo of the EMDR light process, set up a patient and save preferences, or edit your saved patients’ settings.

Choose From a Wide Range of Light Colors

EMDR Elite offers the therapist the widest range of light color choices of any app or light bar on the market. Let your client choose the color that is easiest and most comfortable for him/her to follow visually.

Advanced Sound Choices

The only EMDR app that offers a wide range of sound choices for additional bilateral stimulus. Sound options vary in both pitch and quality to respond to individual responses to different types of sounds. Each client can select a sound that will create optimal focus and responsiveness without being overly intrusive. Therapists can change sounds at any time based on a client’s response to the sound.


Set and save light movement speed and set length to meet each client’s ability to comfortably follow lights.

Therapeutic Light Pattern Settings

EMDR Elite is the only app on the market that makes it possible to change light movement patterns when clients become “stuck” during processing. Before EMDR Elite, only using fingers for visual tracking or purchasing expensive computer software requiring therapy clients to sit in front of a monitor, have offered this flexibility.

Background Color Controls

Change background colors to maximize client’s ability to easily follow lights, based on individual preferences.

Save Patient Settings

Save set-up time in your client’s next session by saving your clients “Presets” from the last session. You can edit Presets anytime for any client and save the new settings.